Sunday, October 4, 2009

Minimizing the effect of computer usage on women’s mental health

As an IT professional with over 20 years intensive computer use experience who has experienced first hand the many horrible effects of computer use on my health. Some were even life threatening, I want to share some of the things I now know about the effects of computer use on women’s mental health and how to minimize them.
Computers are here to stay and indeed have become indispensable to our modern way of living. The computer use environment is however unnatural to our natural way of not looking directly at a source of light and is consequently excessively stressful and toxic to our brains and other body organs.

As women therefore, we need to have a lifestyle that reduces the stress from other sources if we want to be avid users of computers without hurting ourselves.
Simple changes such as eating organic foods especially, fruits, vegetables and whole grain meals can go a long way in helping us achieve these goals. Herbicides, pesticides and man made fertilizers infuse many chemicals into the foods they are applied to that are not normally occurring in those foods. These chemicals make these foods more difficult for our digestive systems to handle resulting in the excessive utilization of the body’s stress and immune system resources in digestion leaving a much smaller amount for other body processes.
When this happens our brains do not have enough resources to handle other stresses resulting in feelings of anxiety, depression, unhappiness and other relational and behavioral problems etc.
Thus we can see that eating foods that require fewer resources will make it easier for our brains to handle the excessive stress arising from the unnatural nature of computer use.
Another simple thing that can be done is exercising both indoors and outdoors most especially walking as this exercises all our muscles while getting all the benefits of the sun and exposure to fresh air. This is natural to our way of existence and very relaxing to the brain and all our other body organs.
There are many other computer related health issues. For example, when we see with our eyes, it is actually our brain that does the seeing. Our eyes are like the camera that the brain uses to see hence the pollution laden light rays from the computer could create harmful effects on our brain. Eating brain health foods and exercising are important simple steps that could help reduce computer related depression, psychotic behavior etc. arising from excessive stress to our brains from computer use.These tips are only a tip of the iceberg. There is a lot more to share please visit Also visit

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